The Arcana: A Mystic Romance MOD APK v2.19 (Unlimited Money/Keys)

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Nix Hydra
17 July , 2022
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The Arcana: A Mystic Romance MOD APK is a romantic novel simulation game for Android from game developer Nix Hydra (USA). As a character chosen from the beginning, you will choose the whole love story and then write a romantic love history in your own way.

Introduce about The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

Does the dream really make you believe in love?

What is love, as you think?

Whether it is love between men and women or a story of LGBT, everything will always be a mystery. If you do not love to your fullest, there are no balanced choices between heart and mind, you will always receive gall. And vice versa, you will receive happiness if you are sincere and put your heart in the right place. That is the message that The Arcana wants to send to players.

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Real love is just the sum of ups and downs, smiles and tears

Of course, to feel this yourself, you will have to go through many ups and downs, smiling tears and even blood because of love and happiness. Like ourselves in real life, it also takes many years and many heartbreaks to understand true love’s value.

Someone said The Arcana is a game of charming, mysterious, and romantic love stories, I think that person only played the first part. The real deep and engaging part lies behind when you get deeper into each person’s situation in the relationship, and the game only really makes sense when you realize your ego through love.

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Do you want to be immersed in intertwined, complex, and thoughtful love stories?

In The Arcana, players, who still do not know who they are, appear in a confused manner. You lose your mind after something, wake up and not remember what happened. A stranger knocked on the door, and you heard him tell his secretary that he wanted to see you. It was Nadia, the Countess of Vesuvia, and also turns out, though you don’t remember anything, you quickly find yourself a talented tarot reader of the city. The first problem for you is the love story of this Countess herself and her murdered husband.

The Arcana A Mystic Romance MOD by APKMODY 1440x810
Your first character is a Tarot fortune teller who wakes up with a forgotten past

The confusion starts to appear and toss up your already very complicated life. You travel through the streets of an ancient city to meet mysterious people, listen and tell their love story, with mysterious tarot cards. Every character you have met or even never met has its own past, some dark mysteries, and a love story of its own. You will constantly make choices, decisions through which, in the end, your story gradually clears up. And the decisions from the first frame of the gameplay will also lead you to a sweet or painful ending.

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You are not just you, but anyone in love

The beauty of The Arcana is: initially, you play the role of Tarot fortune teller, but on the way to meet and seek the truth, you can continue to transform into whatever character you want. See-through and better understand what they’ve been through. But believe me, you will want to understand them all when you meet them. Because each person is very different, even somewhat bizarre, from looks, eyes to lines, it makes you just want to cry out of curiosity. I introduce you to some characters. Asra, who is the secretary who helped you wake up at first and the neatness and appearance, there is also a thick past full of secrets.

Nadia, a powerful and respectable countess but extremely cunning. Lucio, the dead husband, may have been buried with a series of terrifying secrets. We also have characters who seem to have low and fuzzy backgrounds, but they will help you turn the story through in the most surprisingly shocking way. Portia, the close maid of Nadia. Julian was a venerable doctor but met with ridiculous criticism of the world. Murriel, an outsider, accidentally met, faintly thought, but it turned out to hold many secrets of all remaining characters.

The Arcana A Mystic Romance MOD APK download 1440x810
Every character makes you fascinated and want to transform into them right away to understand the story behind

Classic romantic love but interactive simulation gameplay from the modern world

Currently, The Arcana is the most romantic dating simulation game today on the mobile platform, with 21 episodes inspired by 21 Tarot Major Arcana cards, 6 main characters, and other related minor characters. The love in The Arcana is inherently sex-free. It can be male and female, or maybe a deep LGBT love affair, all with its own interference of personality, empathy, and romantic frequencies that you can feel completely by each character.

MOD APK version of The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Keys

You have a lot in the game.

Download The Arcana: A Mystic Romance APK & MOD for Android

Those who are FA but still want to contemplate love should play this game, right away. Anyone who has a lover, or even a family, who wants to relive passionate romantic moments in love in the context of a classic mysterious space, should also download The Arcana. Love in the game will never let you down, even for a second.

What's new

"Lost in Prakra" Tale is here! The road has been long, but it's finally led you and Nadia to Prakra. What mischief can you get up to before the Satrinava family reunion? App updates and fixes.



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