N.i.X Injector APK Download 2022 (Latest Version) v1.60 for Android

NIX Injector is one of the best injector APKs available out there with lots of hack options like drone view, skin unlocks, battle effects and more.
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24 August, 2022
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Nix Injector Apk

Unique features make Mobile Legends a top battle game. A variety of playable heroes, hundreds of costumes, and a 5v5 MOBA are some of its features. Additionally, colorful graphics and attractive locations engage players. That’s why it has a growing fan base.

This post will introduce you to the rated x injector app that controls the game. It’s possible with N.i.X Injector. Is it possible to create 356 ML skins with this Android tool for free? It brings forth dozens of other items without a doubt.

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It is now possible to enjoy such an exceptional app devoted exclusively to MLBB fans. Moreover, it shares many features with Zolaxis Patcher.

Just imagine what happens in the presence of ample premium items? By defeating every player in Mobile Legends, the player makes an unstoppable victory. It is possible because all the elements of N.i.X Injector support you.

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As we have witnessed the emergence of these mod apps, we are confident that they will continue to grow in popularity. In this multiplayer battle, even beginners could survive. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity. You’ll get extra support, protection, and ultimately the championship.

Features of N.i.X Injector Apk

Opening its menu amazes everyone. In fact, N.i.X Injector Apk is beyond our wildest dreams.

Unlock Skin

ML has 446 official skins, of which 356 are in your approach without any action on your part with best injector ml 2022. Unbelievable, isn’t it? After using the nix injector new update 2022, you can verify this statement. All the prime groups are covered; Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Tank, Support.

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Unlock Effects

The ML players were further surprised by the following style, exceeding our expectations.

  1. Unlock Recall: Get 12 Recall Effects, such as M1 Glory, Christmas, and Zodiac.
  2. Unlock Respawn: Get 10 respawns, including Descent, M1 Evos, and others.
  3. Elimination: You’ll get 11 Eliminations, including KO, ZING, RIP, etc.

Drone View

Additionally, you can customize your drone up to 6X. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with Celestial & Western systems.

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Battle Effects

You are wrong if you think N.i.X Injector APK’s features have ended. Take a look at the bullets below.

  1. Unlock Emote: Unlock 10 Emotes, e.g., I am Scary, RRQ Hoshi, and more.
  2. Analog Unlock: Likewise, 10 Analogs are at hand.
  3. Unlock Map: Doubtlessly, 10 Maps inside the name of Imperial Sanctuary, Western Place, Celestial Palace, Magic Chess are usable. It is smooth & high graphics.


Here, three groups are most eminent.

  1. Background: Also, multiple free background view for (Loading Screen, Lobby, Profile)
  2. Music: Enjoy free background music like Fearless, Blue Bird, etc.
  3. Intro: Lastly, 9+ choices will make your day.

Following Versions are available

You can get all these versions of nix injector apk 2022 mentioned below

  • Nix Injector v1.9
  • v1.10
  • v1.11
  • v1.12
  • v1.13
  • v1.14
  • v1.15
  • v1.16
  • v1.19
  • v1.30
  • v1.54


NIX Injector is one of the best injector APKs available out there with lots of hack options like drone view, skin unlocks, battle effects and more. You can enjoy the cracked MLBB app for free if you like its features. We hope you enjoyed this post and will share it with your friends. Keep following us for more apps like this.

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