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Geometry Dash mod apk is a rhythm-based arcade game on android. It is a very famous game and has millions of players across the world.
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18 July , 2022
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Entertaining but focused, fun but very annoyed. Geometry Dash MOD APK, a game that is attractive enough to make anyone download it want to conquer.

Introduce About Geometry Dash MOD APK

Geometry Dash is a one-button game developed by RobTop Games in 2013. The game features entertainment, fun about gameplay, visuals, and music. But it is not, actually.

Additional Information

App NameGeometry Dash Mod Apk
PublisherRobTop Games
Size84.7 MB
Latest Versionv2.111
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it OnPlaystore
Update18 July , 2022

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

Geometry Dash mod apk is a rhythm-based arcade game on android. It is a very famous game and has millions of players across the world. It has many levels which get harder with time. It has many different entities which jump through hurdles and obstacles.

It has almost 21 different levels such as Back on Track, Dry Out, Stereo Madness, and even harder levels. This game has many great music tracks which play with the flow of level progress. There are many different characters to play including cube, a Ball, UFO, and more.

It has almost 50 million online levels which can be played online within the game. Every level has secret coins which use to unlock other levels. It has practice mode as well for practice and to understand the layout of different levels.

Game has-icon a kit feature where different customization options are available. It also has a record keeper of different players to record their best. It also has a hidden vault. This game has a feature called Level Editor.

Different kinds of levels can be created in Level editors and these created levels can also be shared with friends. It has many achievements which are based on rewards. It has great 2D graphics with unique visuals.

The game is fully optimized and music tracks are so perfect with the beats and the game flow. It has many difficult missions so good skills are mandatory. Every level consists of different parts and it is not easy to clear the missions.


The rule is simple, players only need to control the square with a stupid face to overcome the obstacles that the game presents. By touching the screen, you will help the cube to bounce high, avoiding obstacles in front.

Geometry Dash platform

At first glance, many people will think that Geometry Dash is an easy game to play. But actually, they do not know how easy it has caused so many inhibitions for many players. The dizzy and difficult game speed right from the first levels makes Geometry Dash extremely difficult. Besides, obstacles are also arranged close together, making the game also more attractive. However, what makes the difficulty of Geometry Dash perhaps is that the game has absolutely no checkpoints. Unlike Mario, when you die, you will return to the starting line. Many players have reached 99% of the level but just because a thorn grows in the wrong place and falls in front of the heaven door. How terrible it is!


The obstacles in Geometry Dash are extremely diverse and they get more and more over time. At the same level, the scene changes happen quite often, taking players into different dimensions with obstacles that never appeared before. For example, stepping into the deep sea scenery, the character will sit in a diving ship swimming in the water. From there, new obstacles such as giant pillars or underground volcanoes appear extremely unexpected to fit the terrain and your ability.

Not only that, the challenges in Geometry Dash are very special and “purposeful”. Catching the rhythm with a part of the player’s psychology, the publisher sometimes has surprise obstacles at the place you don’t think of. This requires players with reflexes and the ability to master the space well to avoid harsh attacks from the game.

Geometry Dash gameplay

Although it has caused many inhibitions, this is what makes people want to conquer this game. The more you play, the more you get caught up in the game, until you can overcome it. This is very similar to Flappy Birds, the game was released around the same time as Geometry Dash. If anyone ever tried this game would not forget the discomfort that the pipes and the stupid bird brought.


In addition to the normal mode of overtaking, Geometry Dash also has other modes that help the game not be boring.

The training room is for those who have passed the game but still need to play it to improve their skills. In this mode, after passing each challenge, the player leaves a diamond with the same effect as the checkpoint. Players will be revived at that checkpoint every time they die, of course only when completing the level in a normal way.

Another interesting feature in Geometry Dash is the ability to create maps, create challenges by yourself. Or even, you can create to share that map with other players.

Graphics and sound

Geometry Dash is not only good because of the attractive gameplay, but also the sound and color. The game has good, fun, and engaging soundtracks. Besides, sound plays a secondary role in the gameplay of Geometry Dash. Why is that? The answer is that the music with bass beats that creating a beat for your playing style. And it is important that RobTop knows how to arrange the obstacles in accordance with the bass melody put in, helping players not to feel “out of beat”, click at the wrong time, and get the bitter fruit.

Geometry Dash screenshot

Game images are simple, not too picky. The color tones are not too bright to see obstacles. But this is no longer true in the later stages when the game speed is pushed up to add more obstacles continuously, requiring players to adapt to it if they want to go far.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk God Mode/Unlimited Money

Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

No In-App Purchases

A good thing about Geometry Dash is that it doesn’t have any in-app purchases. This means that you can earn every collectible item from spending enough time playing the game. By doing this, the game becomes relatively fair as the dedicated gamers tend to earn better rewards.

Show Your Progress With Friends

To compete with your friends who also play the game, you can log in to your social network account to see your friend’s progress. You can also check your positions in the global ranking system to see how you compete against players from all over the world.

The MOD version of Geometry Dash

Let’s discuss some of its modded versions.

MOD Features

The MOD version has unlocked all features of the game. You can download it via the links below this article.

Explore Different Features Freely

There are many other controls you can navigate with. The ports vary depending on the characteristics of each display. This portal is used to change the way you control your characters as they introduce themselves. This means that you have to prepare a new order immediately and do not have time to rest.

Other noteworthy controls are missile control and reverse control. To control the projectiles, the character moves to this vehicle and overcomes other obstacles. You can prevent this by lifting or lowering it. The end of one way can be said to be the beginning of another.

Show Your Creativeness At The Level Editor

For those who like to tinker, they will enjoy exploring Geometry Dash’s level editor. With a few changes, you can create your own level and have new functions. In addition, the developers provide hundreds of different customization options to make the new levels as fun as possible. After you create a level, you can also share it online for others to download and experience the same. But you can also make the game more enjoyable by downloading content downloaded by others.

Special Custom Level Feature

There is also a custom-level feature. Here, users can build their custom levels The geometry dash APK 2019 build-in custom level mode can be available for other players.

You can first practice before starting the games as there is another feature called practice mode for each level. The practice level mode helps to warm up your fingers and prepare you mentally for a preferred level.

By now, you must be tempted enough to try this game out. So, what we are waiting for? Get the geometry dash APK full version free right now.

  • Lots of levels with different soundtracks
  • Unlock new icons to customize your character
  • Build and share your levels with other users using the level editor
  • Practice in the new practice mode to improve your skills
  • No trouble with in-app purchases
  • Gain a huge amount of achievements and rewards
  • New icons and color effects
  • You can participate in demon challenges conducted weekly
  • You can sort levels
  • You can enjoy new chests to reach to next levels
  • Take full advantage of Level leaderboards to excel in the game.

Engaging Gameplay

An interesting fact about the game is that the player gradually gets used to the features of this game and progresses gradually. Each phase of the challenge requires ever closer observation and evaluation. They shouldn’t be in such a hurry, but they should be calm to face what’s to come.

In this game you can experience different levels of the game, the most basic is 2D style observation. In other words, it helps you to achieve the goal by moving your character (cube) horizontally. However, this type of control is not enough.

Levels That Are Really Difficult But Enjoyable

The more time you spend playing the game, the tougher it will become. If the early levels are like a few basic waltzes, the later levels will feel like you’re dancing to a hip-hop beat, which is much more difficult. But, on the other hand, it’s a lot of joy to be able to play such a unique and engrossing game. As a result, you can expect to have a lot of fun with the game.

Download Plus Install Geometry Dash MOD APK Latest Version

To install the Geometry Dash MOD APK you will first need to download it from the link given below.

Once your download Geometry Dash MOD APK is completed, locate it on your device and open it. You will then be asked if you want to install the app. Select “Install” and the app will be installed on your device.

After the installation is complete, Enjoy its modded features.

How To Play Geometry Dash APK?

All you have to do is jump and fly your way through danger. Use your skills and abilities to the extent that you can fly, flip and jump through dangerous paths and obstacles. Just download Geometry dash APK on your phones and Windows and be entertained for hours.

It is a very simple and one-touch game that comes with multiple levels. Once you start playing it there’s no way you can stop till you reach the end.


Released 7 years ago and the heyday is far away, Geometry Dash can still be addictive for anyone who loves classic games. At a time when the whole world is fighting Coronavirus, sitting at home and enjoying Geometry Dash is not a bad idea.

What's new

New icons and effects! New community shop! Weekly Demon challenge! Folders and level sorting! New demon chests! Level leaderboards! Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.


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