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After the origination of an exceptional shooting game PUBG Mobile, numerous game developer companies closed their casual market and came inside the shooting game genre. Nowadays, everyone aspires to play the classic shooting games embedded with high-tech graphics and massive armory variety. You won’t need the giant devices for playing the high-graphics shooting games, as you can enjoy it directly on your Android smartphones. But still, there are tremendous Android users, having low-configured smartphones and aren’t able to play high-sized shooting games like PUBG and COD Mobile.

Game NameEncounter Strike Mod Apk
Android Version4.4 and up
User Reviews3.9 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv1.2.3
Last Update2 Days Ago

So for all the guys getting bothered by their smartphone’s capabilities and low graphic engine, today we’re here with an excellent choice – Encounter Strike. It’s a realistic shooting game containing nearly the same graphics as the brand game PUBG Mobile. Moreover, You can also enjoy numerous guns inside this game like SG533, AK-4, AWP, and RPG at some cost.

Still, as a drawback, Encounter Strike is an ad-filled Android game containing tons of video ads, and also it holds various in-app purchases. Consequently, We’ve developed the modified version of the same game – Encounter Strike MOD APK. It’s a feature-rich game that is free from ads. Moreover, it also provides you with infinite money. Download this modification instantly and start your Encounter Strike journey ASAP!

Play the realistic shooting Android game like PUBG Mobile

Realistic games are the newest innovation of Android gaming technology. Nowadays, every Android game consists of high graphics and an elegant gaming interface. These two qualities embed the gamers with hundreds of in-game benefits, such as strategic playing, convenient gaming, and never getting bored. Similarly, Enjoy.GameStudio.Fun launched encounter Strike recently for the Android smartphones. It’s one of the most loved Android shooting games because of its small size and world-class gaming interface.

You can download Encounter Strike directly from the Google Play Store, at the storage holding of 60-70 MB, and enjoy the realistic PUBG-kind graphics and robust arsenal. It’s a simplistic game, including hundreds of challenging missions, a massive armory, and some online ads. You’re supposed here to complete over 200 tasks while shooting down the AI shooters and win all the matches. So stop getting annoyed by your phone’s capabilities and start enjoying the Encounter Strike!

Enjoy three different shooting gaming modes

Encounter Strike is a brilliantly designed Android game, and also be said as a super game, as it consists of all the shooter’s favorite features. Apart from the elegant graphics and coolest gaming UI, it’ll also amaze you with various gaming modes. Yeah, You heard right! After having the Encounter Strike installed on your device, You can play three different gaming modes, Normal Mode, Team Mode, and Defuse mode, and all these three modes contain 80 gaming levels.

So you can’t get bored, even while playing this game 24/7. Moreover, You can also enjoy the Challenge mode of this game after completing the first five Normal or Team mode levels. Challenge mode consists of a multiplayer kind of game interface with featured vision. Enjoy it!

Shop for the unusual weapons with coins and real dollars

Arsenal is the most crucial in-game asset while going for a shooting game, and after enjoying the PUBG Mobile, everyone has changed their point of view for shooting games. Nowadays, Shooting games can’t achieve success in the Android gaming market without having gun skins and a variety of armory.

Keeping that in mind, Encounter Strike is offering you a massive variety of arsenal with groundbreaking skins. You can enjoy guns like AWP, M249, RPG, Desert Eagle, AK47, Famas, UMP45, and SG533 with numerous designs like BloodSport and Tigermoth DeepVenture, and Trix; so if you got bored of the old shooting games and wanna enjoy the latest gaming advantages and tweaks, download Encounter Strike.

Download the modified version and enjoy premium features

After covering all the features, let’s wrap up the significant drawbacks of Encounter Strike. There is no Android game containing zero flaws, and similarly, the Encounter Strike also holds numerous spots. I am starting with the ad-filled app interface! After convenient and high graphic gaming, the game still contains lots of video and banner ads that annoy lots of gamers. Moreover, You’ll also get annoyed with the in-app purchases inside the game, like guns.

So today, we’re here with a brilliant surprise for all the enthusiastic gamers who got bored of playing the Encounter Strike and are stuck inside the game flaws – Encounter Strike MOD APK. It’s the same Encounter Strike game with the same graphics and same game levels. It also holds numerous magical features like an ad-free interface, infinite money, and much more.

You can download this beast on any Android smartphone and play the high graphic gaming without any hassle. So stop wandering for the best game, and make it all yours!

Enjoy the unlimited coins for purchasing all your favorite arsenal

The first and the most intense feature offered by the Encounter Strike is unlimited money. Primarily, If You’re playing the official game, you need to complete over 50 missions for collecting golds for a single gun skin. But the Encounter Strike MOD APK is offering you unlimited money at zero cost!

After employing these never-ending coins in your Encounter Strike’s market, You can purchase any gun skin and gun variety free of charge. Now you can stop making the in-app purchases and can start enjoying the game with zero investments!

Never-ending grenades free of charge

After having unlimited coins, you can also enjoy the never-ending grenades to complete the rival army more thoroughly than ever. Download Encounter Strike MOD APK, and gain a free pass for the infinite throwables without any in-app purchases. Everything remains unlocked inside this exclusive game; now, all you need is to download it and install it inside your device!

Play the same gaming experience without any ad interruptions

All your dreams are about to get real, as we’re offering you the featured version of Encounter Strike at no cost. Getting to the most exclusive feature, Encounter Strike MOD APK, provides you with a 100% ad-free app interface without taking any charges. Now you can enjoy each moment invested inside this exceptional game, as you won’t ever get interrupted by ads in our magical version. What’re you waiting for? Go and download Encounter Strike MOD APK instantly!

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • No Ads:

Download Encounter Strike Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Coins/No Ads:

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Final Verdict

Encounter Strike MOD APK is the best option for all gamers bothered by the high-sized games and online advertisements. It’s the most unusual creation of this decade, containing the best traits you never heard of yet. Just click the below link and download Encounter Strike MOD APK to start your shooting experience on any of your smartphones without lag issue!

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