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Blackmart apk is an android app market that offers users a free and convenient way to download paid android apps for free.
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Blackmart apk is an android app market that offers users a free and convenient way to download paid android apps for free. It is a great alternative to the Google Play Store, as blackmart apk allows users to download any app of their choice, without having to create an account or provide payment information.

Blackmart APK

Need the direct link to download Blackmart Alpha for your device? Wondering here and there for the latest version? Then you just have come to the right place. We can give you the direct download link to Blackmart for Android, PC & iOS. You can scroll down and find the link to Download Blackmart for your device. Or if you want to know everything about Blackmart Alpha, then read this post completely to know the features, installation process of the Blackmart App.

Blackmart is an App Market Application. You can download the latest apps & games for free with Blackmart. It can be installed on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

App NameBlackmart Alpha APK
Size7.5 MB
Total Downloads10M+
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 4.0 +
Required Root?No

We all use Android devices in our daily life for various tasks. Android is the most popular operating system nowadays. But it’s so famous because of some reason. One of them is Apps and Games compatibility.

There are millions of apps & games that are supported on Android devices which can help you with various things.

But the not-so-easy part is to find your favorite application and download it safely.

There are various ways of downloading Android apps & games. The most popular method is via Google Play Store.

But, if you talk about some alternatives of the Play Store, the name that comes to everyone’s mind is Blackmart App Market for Android.

So, What’s so special about Blackmart App?

There are many things that you can do only with Blackmart App. Let me tell you some.

The most popular feature of Blackmart Alpha is Downloading Paid Apps for Free.

Yes, You have heard it right. You can download Paid Android Apps for free with Blackmart. You don’t need to buy an app to use it. There are many paid versions of apps are available that offer more features.

So, if you are a college student and want to save some bucks by downloading your paid app for free, then you must download Blackmart on your device. It can help you in various ways.

You need the Blackmart Apk to be installed on your Android device.

Blackmart Alpha has many features in it. I’ve described some below.

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Features Of Blackmart Apk?

Blackmart apk is an Android app store that offers a wide range of free apps and games for download. It is an alternative to Google Play Store, and users can download Blackmart apk files from the internet for free.

Some of the key features of Blackmart include:

– A large selection of free apps and games to choose from

– User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate

– No registration or account is required to download apps and games

– Fast and reliable downloads with no viruses or malware detected

– Updates are available for all apps and games downloaded from Blackmart

If you are looking for a convenient and safe way to download free Android apps and games, the Blackmart apk is a good option to consider. It offers a large selection of apps and games to choose from, and the user interface is easy to navigate. Plus, there is no registration or account required to download apps and games from Blackmart. Blackmart apk is also fast and reliable, with no viruses or malware detected. Updates are available for all apps and games downloaded from Blackmart, so you can keep your device up-to-date with the latest versions. Give Blackmart apk a try today!

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App Market

Blackmart is one of the largest app markets for Android. It has 10Million+ app collections. You can download any apps and games with Blackmart. You can download them for free. Just select your favorite app or game and start downloading.

Download Paid Apps for Free

You can download any paid app for free with Blackmart. Many paid apps are available to download. You can download them for free with the Blackmart app. You don’t need to spend a single penny to use your favorite paid application. Blackmart has a huge collection of paid apps.

Download Banned Apps

You can download any county-locked apps that are not available in your country. For example, Spotify is not available in India. But, Indian users can download Spotify with Blackmart.

Download Modded Apps

There are many MOD versions of the apps that are available on Blackmart. You can download any modded app or game with the help of this app. Just search which MOD you want to download, and you’ll be able to download the modded. App or game.


Blackmart has a category-wise app showcase. You can choose from any category. There are Music, Productivity, Browser, and many more categories. Each category has many apps. You can choose your favorite category, and it’ll display all the popular apps in that category.

Download Speed

The downloading speed of Blackmart is super fast. You’ll get maximum download speed when you download an app or game with Blackmart.


You’ll receive updates of all the apps installed with Blackmart. Not only that, you can update your system application too with the help of Blackmart. It’ll automatically notify you when a new version of the app is released.

App Manager

Blackmart has its app manager in it. You can Uninstall, Update the apps with the inbuilt app manager. In the app manager, you’ll see all the apps installed on your device. It’ll also show the storage section on the Blackmart app manager.

Safe & Secure

Blackmart is completely safe to use. It got an excellent reputation and popularity. Millions of users worldwide are using Blackmart on their Android devices. You can also install it without any doubt or worry.

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FAQs Of Blackmart Apk

How To Install Blackmart Apk?

To install the Blackmart Apk you will first need to download it from the link given below.

Once you have downloaded Blackmart Apk, locate it on your device and open it. You will then be asked if you want to install the app. Select “Install” and the app will be installed on your device.

After the installation is complete, Enjoy its premium features.

Summary Of Blackmart Apk

Blackmart is a play store alternative for android mobile phones and tablets. It contains thousands of free apps, games, and even movies that can be downloaded directly to your phone or tablet to be used at any time without an internet connection. 

Blackmart does not require root permissions and it’s completely free: no premium version like other stores like Google Play (which takes 30% tax from all sales). Also, you can download APKS for free with no time limit unlike the “Free app of the day” feature on Google play where each app has an expiration date after which it must be purchased if you wish to continue using it. Blackmart Alpha apk has developed a powerful search engine so finding exactly what you want is very easy and fast. You can find apps and games by name, category, or even developer’s name. If you download something and it does not work as expected (after testing that thing) then you can easily uninstall it without the need for an internet connection (just like on your Playstore app).

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Blackmart Alpha has a very simple and fast user interface. The app supports multiple language translations, So its easy if you need help. Downloaded files are stored in a folder called “Apps” created after the first installation. So there is no need to search for apps manually. Apps have been successfully tested on Samsung S5, Sony Xperia Z1, and Moto X 2014.

Blackmart alpha apk’s data will not be stored on a remote server. Your downloading source will be confidential from all the stores! Your downloads are completely private. No third parties or developers can access the files.

General Info: -Don’t pay for what you don’t have to  -Free  -No root permissions needed -Offline app installer (copy the APK into the internal memory of your smartphone/tablet) -Downloaded apps go into the “Apps” folder inside Blackmart alpha folder -Needs only about 50MB of free space for installation -Uninstall apps directly from Blackmart alpha apk without needing an internet connection -Very fast and powerful search engine -Support multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, and many others).

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So in conclusion, we can see that Blackmart alpha apk is a good AppStore alternative for android users. It saves the 30% tax. Also, it provides APKS free of cost. Unlike Free apps on Google play which expire after a certain time limit. When you will download an app from the Blackmart Alpha apk. It will be stored inside a folder called “Apps” in your phone’s internal memory itself. So you can find the apk easily.

Download Blackmart Alpha Apk.

Download Blackmart Apk.

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