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What Does an Auto Accident Attorney Do?



What Does an Auto Accident Attorney Do?

As mentioned above, an experienced auto accident attorney handles personal injury claims daily and knows how to work with insurance companies to get you the best settlement offer possible. However, you may still be wondering what steps an auto accident attorney will take once you have retained them as your representation. While every accident has a different set of circumstances, there are common procedures and litigation benchmarks that you can expect of the attorney working on your case.

  • Collecting the Evidence: After you have retained your attorney, they will begin collecting all of the evidence of your case. This includes your statement of the details of the accident, your medical records and bills, the police report, and witness statements. If the other party in the accident has also retained legal representation, your attorney will establish communication with their attorney. Your attorney may also revisit the scene of the accident and take photos of the location for evidence. In some cases, your attorney may contact experts who can provide further insight into your case. 

  • Send the Demand Letter: Once your auto accident attorney has compiled all of the evidence, they will draft and send a demand letter to the insurance company or the at-fault party’s attorney. A demand letter is a professional document that outlines the facts of the case, as well as damages. First, your attorney will outline the economic damages you suffered due to the accident. Economic damages refer to current and future medical costs, damage to your property, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. Non-economic damages refer to pain and suffering and mental anguish. Both are an important part of the settlement negotiation. The demand letter will conclude with the settlement amount your attorney is requesting on your behalf. The insurance company may agree to the settlement, negotiate for a lower settlement amount, or reject the offer. 
  • Filing a Lawsuit: If your attorney and the insurance company are unable to agree on a settlement, your lawyer will begin filing the necessary paperwork to take your case to trial. 

  • Discovery: After a lawsuit has been filed, both parties will enter into a period called discovery. During discovery, attorneys from both sides will share all of the documentation related to the accident they have gathered in order to look for evidence that supports their claim. 
  • The Trial: If your case is not settled during any of the above litigation steps, your attorney will go to trial, and your settlement amount will be determined by a judge or jury. The phases of a trial are the same for each case. First, attorneys will select a jury unless your case is to be decided by a judge. Once a jury has been established, each attorney will deliver an opening statement, followed by witness testimony, cross-examinations, and finally, closing arguments. Then, the judge will give instructions to the jury regarding applicable laws and how they should determine a verdict. Finally, the jury will deliberate and return with a verdict. 

Most car accident cases are settled outside of court, but that doesn’t mean that you should accept a lower settlement offer than you originally asked for. This is why you want an experienced auto accident attorney to represent you.

Negotiation is a particular skill that many people do not possess. Ali Awad is a competent and fair negotiator, but he isn’t afraid to go to court on behalf of his clients to get them the maximum settlement for their injuries and losses.





New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Have you or a loved one gotten hurt on a construction site? Contact the NYC construction accident lawyers at Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C. at (212) 227-4000 for a free consultation. You may have the right to recover compensation for your injuries. We promise to fight to get you the money you need and deserve.

Since 1977, our attorneys have been committed to helping injured construction site accident victims in New York. We know how devastating and expensive a construction site injury can be. That’s why we’ll go above and beyond to secure meaningful compensation on your behalf. The money you get can help to cover medical costs, lost wages, and even disability. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our New York City law office to discuss your case today. We’re always available to take your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Table of Contents

You Deserve an Experienced NYC Construction Accident Attorney

Construction workers have the most dangerous jobs in New York City. Despite tough New York labor laws that require employers to provide safe working conditions, accidents happen a lot. Every year, dozens of construction workers are killed on job sites across the city. Thousands more suffer painful and debilitating injuries.

Unfortunately, employers sometimes cut corners to save money. Those shortcuts ultimately put construction workers like you in harm’s way.

When you get hurt on a construction site, fighting for compensation will be one of the most important things you do. Don’t trust just any attorney with your New York construction accident case. Even though you may be entitled to money for your injuries, actually getting cash in your hands can be tough. Insurance companies, construction site owners, and any negligent third parties will fight you every step of the way. 

You deserve to work with a New York City personal injury law firm that has extensive experience handling these challenging cases. At Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C., all we do is personal injury law. Our attorneys have been fighting on behalf of injured construction workers across the city for more than four decades. 

We know New York labor and construction laws inside and out. We’re intimately familiar with the workers’ compensation system and what it takes to secure the benefits you deserve. We know how to approach your case and give you the best shot at getting the money you deserve.

Our aggressive approach has helped us secure millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our injured clients.

Our record of success speaks for itself:

  • $6.57 Million Verdict on behalf of a Bronx construction worker who got hurt on a job site because of his employer’s negligence.

  • $2.25 Million Verdict obtained on behalf of a Bronx construction worker who got hurt because of unsafe work site conditions.
  • $2 Million Verdict secured for the family of a construction worker who fell off of a ladder and died on a dangerous Brooklyn construction site.

When you turn to us for help after a construction site accident, you can benefit from our nearly 100 years of combined experience. There’s no risk in asking us for help, so call our NYC construction accident lawyers to discuss your case today.

We Handle All NYC Construction Accident Injury Cases

Our NYC construction accident attorneys are prepared to help you demand compensation after you get hurt on the job. We handle all construction accident cases, including:

  • Brazing accidents
  • Building collapse
  • Compressor accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Cutting accidents
  • Dangerous or defective equipment accidents
  • Dumpster accidents
  • Electrical accidents
  • Elevator accidents
  • Falls
  • Falling objects
  • Forklift accidents
  • Gas explosions
  • Ladder accidents
  • Logging accidents
  • Nail gun accidents
  • Punch press malfunctions
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Structure failure
  • Welding accidents
  • Wrongful death, and more.

If you’ve been injured on a New York construction site, we’re here to help. We represent injured construction workers in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and Westchester.

Give us a quick call to discuss your construction injury case today.

Who’s Liable For My Injuries After a NYC Construction Accident?

It’s hard to walk through the city and not see something under construction. Construction sites are so common – and so many people work in the construction industry – that the state has passed several labor laws to make the profession as safe as possible. These laws often dictate who might be liable for your injuries after an accident on a city construction site.

General Contractors and Construction Site Owners

When a property owner decides to build or change a structure in the city, they have to make sure that construction employees have a safe place to work. Owners and general contractors are legally obligated under Section 200 of the New York Labor Law to “provide reasonable and adequate protection to the lives, health and safety of all persons employed therein or lawfully frequenting such places.”

In other words, property owners and general contractors have to take steps to ensure that construction sites are safe. If are any potential dangers could harm a worker, those must be addressed. Workers must have the necessary safety equipment to do their job.

Site workers must also be trained to do the job safely. It’s up to the general contractor and whoever owns the property under construction to make sure that the site is in a reasonably safe condition.

Section 240 of New York’s Labor Law is commonly referred to as the “Scaffolding Law.” It lays out how scaffolding and other dangeorus construction site equipment must be erected, secured, and fastened on a site. It also gives injured workers the right to hold property owners and/or general contractors strictly liable if they get hurt by or on:

  • Scaffolding
  • Hoists
  • Stays
  • Ladders
  • Slings
  • Hangers
  • Blocks
  • Pulleys
  • Braces
  • Irons
  • Ropes, or other devices.

This section applies if you worked to erect, demolish, repair, alter, paint, or clean a building or structure. 

Strict liability means that you don’t have to prove the owner or contractor was negligent in any way. 


Construction sites have a lot of different moving parts. When a general contractor wins a bid, they delegate some of the work to subcontractors. Subcontractors are just as responsible for providing a safe work environment as general contractors. If you get hurt and a subcontractor is to blame, you might be able to hold them accountable for your injuries.

Engineers and Architects

Workers who suffer injuries on a New York construction site may also be able to hold site engineers or architects responsible. These professionals design buildings and structures. When they do so, they must adhere to generally accepted professional standards. In New York City, architects and engineers have to make sure that sites are inspected regularly.

Did you get hurt because of a building collapse or structural issue? Was a faulty design or inadequate inspection to blame? If so, the engineer or architect could be on the hook for your injuries. 

Equipment Manufacturers

Construction sites are filled with tons of different pieces of machinery and equipment. Even the most skilled laborer can get hurt when those machines are defective. When you get hurt on the job because of a defective piece of equipment, you might be able to hold the company that manufactured or sold it strictly liable.

Can I Sue My Employer After I Get Hurt on a New York Construction Site?

It depends. All construction workers can seek workers’ compensation benefits after an accident. If you file a workers’ compensation claim, you typically waive your right to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer. However, you may still reserve the right to sue someone else if you got hurt because of unsafe working conditions or dangerous equipment.

We’ll Help You Seek Money For All of Your Construction Accident Injuries 

Some New York law firms will only agree to take your case if you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury at work. That’s not fair to you. You deserve money for all of the injuries you sustain on a NYC construction site.

At Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C., we’ll pursue compensation for all of your construction site injuries. No case is too big or too small. Call us for help if you’ve been in an accident and suffered:

  • Amputation
  • Back injury
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Chest injury
  • Crushing injury
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Eye injury
  • Head injury
  • Neck injury
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Traumatic brain injury, or other injuries.

Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation. Can’t make it into our NYC law office to discuss your case? That shouldn’t stop you from getting the help you deserve. When you can’t come to us, our personal injury lawyers will come to you.

We can visit you at home, at work, or even at the hospital while you recover. All you have to do is call us and ask for help. It’s that easy.

Damages Are Available After a New York Construction Accident

Don’t underestimate the costs of a construction accident injury. Medical bills can add up quickly. Even a relatively minor injury can prevent you from working. A sudden loss of income can make it tough to take care of your day-to-day expenses, let alone the costs of your injury.

When you get hurt on a New York construction site, you can seek:

  • Benefits from a workers’ compensation insurance policy, or
  • Compensation from a negligent third party (e.g., owner, contractor, architect).

Workers’ compensation will limit your recovery to money for medical bills, lost income, and disability. 

When you file a lawsuit, you might also be able to receive money for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress, including anxiety and depression
  • PTSD
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nursing care
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Don’t settle for less than your case is worth. We’ve worked hard to establish relationships with some of the most respected accident experts in the tri-state area. They can provide valuable insight into the more complicated and technical aspects of your case. 

With their assistance, we can better understand your injuries and how they might affect your life. This can, in turn, let us get a better idea of what your case is really worth.

How Long Do I Have to File an Injury Claim?

It depends on how you want to seek compensation.

Workers’ Compensation: You must notify your employer within 30 days of your construction site accident. Then you’ll have a limited amount of time to submit your claim for benefits.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: In New York, the statute of limitations for bodily injury claims is three years.

You will lose the right to get the money you deserve if you wait too long to assert your legal rights.

Call Our NYC Construction Accident Lawyers For Help

Have you or someone you love gotten hurt on a construction site in the city? You’ve got enough to think about without the added stress of an injury claim or lawsuit. Contact the experienced NYC construction accident lawyers at Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C. for help. We’ll do everything in our power to get you the money you need and deserve.

Your first consultation is free, so call our law firm for help today. We’ll review your case, explain your rights, and help you decide how to move forward.

When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?



When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

After a car accident, you may not know what to do. Fortunately, an experienced car accident lawyer’s help can protect your rights to compensation. We asked dozens of attorneys with over 700+ years of combined experience to answer a simple yet essential question: “When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

The consensus is that insurance companies have teams of lawyers and adjusters who begin evaluating your injury claim right away and, because of this, it is essential to retain a personal injury lawyer immediately if you are injured in a car collision. You never want to go up against the insurance companies alone.

The key is to find an attorney or law firm that provides personal attention at your most vulnerable hour. At Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we believe that everyone deserves justice after a serious car accident, and, as such, we fight aggressively for all our clients. Our law firm has helped collect millions for injured car accident survivors just like you, so call us today at 866-458-3982, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

Car Accident Lawyers

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys, Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA





New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a construction site accident, you need an experienced NYC construction accident lawyer to protect your right to fair compensation. Workers hurt on construction sites have looked to Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. for over 40 years. We fight hard to get justice for injured workers. Contact us at (212) 969-8296 for a free consultation.

Our work accident lawyers know how that construction accident injuries are often severe. Your life can quickly change in ways you never imagined—while medical bills start to pile up and you struggle to recover. In many cases, workers’ compensation isn’t enough to get by.

Our New York City law firm is here to help. You can call us anytime to learn more about your options for getting fair compensation. Our accident lawyers will review your case for free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.

Table of Contents


Experience Counts When Choosing Your New York Construction Accident Attorney

Getting financial compensation can be key to protecting yourself and getting the medical attention you need. Unfortunately, laws designed to protect workers are complex and you could be facing an uphill battle. At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., our NYC personal injury lawyers can help.

When workers are hurt on construction sites, they might think that workers’ compensation is their only option. While workers’ comp is valuable, you may be entitled to hold someone else responsible for your injuries via a third-party claim. Our lawyers focus on finding the cause of your construction accident so that the responsible party is held accountable.


NYC Construction Accident Statistics

Construction is NYC’s most dangerous occupation. In 2018, 30% of all NYC work fatalities were in the private construction industry. That number—22—represents a slight increase from 2017, where 20 construction-related deaths were reported. Hundreds of additional workers suffer serious injuries in construction accidents every year.

On a nationwide scale, transportation-related incidents caused the greatest number of work fatalities. In NYC, most work-related construction deaths were caused by:

  • Contact with machinery or objects
  • Slips, trips and falls

In NYC, working from heights is common on construction sites—so it isn’t surprising that falls account for a higher proportion of serious injuries. The city and labor authorities have passed laws designed to protect workers from these and other dangers. Unfortunately, the people in charge often cut corners to make a bigger profit. 

At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., we fight to keep you from becoming a statistic. Our lawyers personally handle your case with one goal in mind: getting the full amount of compensation you deserve. Call our office today to get to know our legal team and how we can help.


Our experienced accident lawyers at Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. handle all types of construction accident cases, including those involving:

  • Scaffolding falls
  • Roof and ladder falls
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Dangerous tools and machinery
  • Nail gun accidents
  • Crane accidents

  • Forklift accidents
  • Accidents involving excavation work
  • Brazing and welding accidents
  • Electrocution and electric shock
  • Fires and explosions
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

You might think that these types of dangers are common to all construction zones. While that’s often true, it does not minimize your right to be fairly compensated for your injuries. 


It’s unfortunate that construction accidents can often be traced back to the same causes. The root cause of many accidents and injuries is simple negligence. That means someone neglected their duties and you were hurt as a result. 

Frequent causes of NYC construction accidents include:

  • Lack of proper protective equipment
  • Failure to properly secure or install scaffolding
  • Improperly maintained equipment, machinery and tools
  • Lack of appropriate training for handling heavy machinery and complex equipment
  • Defects in equipment and machinery on work sites
  • Lack proper supervision
  • Failure to communicate
What Are Common Causes of NYC Construction Accidents?

NYC has enacted laws specifically designed to impose liability on the parties who control safety on construction sites. Proving the cause of the accident can impact the types of compensation available in your case.

Our accident attorneys at Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. know the details of these laws and will work to find out what happened in your case.


For example, Section 240 of the New York Labor Law provides rules for using scaffolding on a construction site. The law provides:

  • Scaffolding installed more than 20 feet off the ground must have a safety rail made of suitable material that is at least 34 inches high
  • The safety railing must cover all sides and ends of the scaffolding, with only sufficient openings to allow delivery of necessary materials
  • The scaffolding must be constructed to bear four times the maximum weight required
  • The scaffolding must be properly secured to prevent swaying away from the building and the structure

Under the scaffolding law, strict liability applies. That means you don’t have to show that the owner or contractor was careless to get compensation. If our lawyers can get the evidence to show a violation of Section 240, you have the right to pursue compensation.


Section 200: Duty to Provide Safe Working Conditions

Section 200 of the NYC Labor Code provides a general duty for contractors and owners. These parties are legally obligated to provide reasonable and proper protection to workers on the site. This includes making sure equipment and machinery are generally safe for use. Contractors and owners have a general duty to fix dangerous conditions and to warn of any dangerous conditions that have yet to be fixed.


New York construction workers are accustomed to scrapes and bruises. However, many construction accidents cause injuries that are much more serious. Workers who are hurt in construction accidents often suffer:

  • Crush injuries

  • Spinal cord damage
  • Brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Wrongful death

Some of these injuries can permanently impact your life. Even if you are able to go back to work, you might be in pain. You might find that you can’t participate in the activities you enjoyed before the accident.

At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., our injury attorneys want to make sure you are fairly compensated for your work injuries. We are here to explain your legal rights and help you through the entire legal process, including negotiating with the insurance company.


Most construction accident victims hurt on the job are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits provide:

  • Reimbursement for all medical expenses
  • Part of your lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Death benefits

Self-employed people, however, are not eligible for workers’ comp. Workers’ compensation also does not provide compensation for everything you might need.

In a personal injury lawsuit, additional forms of compensation become available. The following types of damages may be available to provide compensation for your injuries:

  • All current and future medical bills
  • Any costs related to treating your injury, including in-home care, medical devices and physical therapy
  • The full amount of your lost wages
  • Loss of your future earning capacity

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Compensation for disfigurement and scarring
  • And more

Importantly, pursuing action via the personal injury process is a way to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence. Unlike in the workers’ compensation context, however, it is necessary to prove that someone’s carelessness caused your construction accident. 


You usually lose the right to sue your employer for compensation if you are hurt in an accident. Workers’ compensation steps in to provide benefits. Third parties who are not your employer remain liable for damages in a personal injury case. Potentially responsible parties include:

  • Property owners
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • The manufacturer of defective product, such as tools, equipment or machinery

Holding these parties accountable requires a showing of negligence. The experience of your lawyer is key to building a strong case. With over 40 years’ experience, Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. is ready to go to work for you.


Comparative fault—or shared responsibility—can impact your ability to recover financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, is a no-fault system. That means you can recover workers’ compensation benefits after a construction accident even if you were totally to blame.

The only limited circumstances where fault might jeopardize your workers’ compensation benefits arise if:

  • You were using drugs or alcohol
  • You intentionally caused the accident

In a lawsuit, multiple parties might be held responsible. The responsible party might even try to shift the blame to you. Even if you were partly to blame, you don’t lose your right to compensation entirely. NYC law only reduces your available compensation if you were partly to blame. 


If you were hurt on a job site, don’t wait to talk to a lawyer. Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., our experienced NYC construction accident lawyers are ready to listen. We have already helped hundreds of clients win millions in verdicts and settlements across NYC, including Staten Island and Long Island.

Our lawyers want to make the process as simple as possible for you. We offer a free case review and work on a contingency basis—so you only pay our attorneys’ fees if we win compensation for you. Contact our Wall Street office today to learn more about how our law firm can help.


  1. Mount Sinai Beth Israel 

    16th Street between First and Second Avenues
    New York, NY 10003

  2. NYC Health + Hospitals

    462 First Avenue
    New York, NY 10016

  3. Lenox Hill Hospital
    100 E 77th Street
    New York, New York 10075
  4. Roland O. Perelman Center for Emergency Services
    570 First Avenue
    New York, New York 10016
  5. New York-Presbyterian
    630 West 168th Street
    New York, New York

Experienced Family Law Lawyer



Experienced Family Law Lawyer

Proven Expertise and Caring Counsel in Denton, Collin, Dallas and Tarrant Counties

There are few matters as overwhelming as matters involving family law. Whether you are involved in a child custody dispute or a complex divorce, you and your family’s well-being are at stake, both now and for the long term. You do not have to face this matter alone. Instead, choose to work side-by-side with a proven Dallas divorce attorney at every stage of your case.

Attorney Lisa Garza is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and is well-versed in all aspects of Texas family law, from adoptions and divorce to child support enforcement and high-asset property division. She has the insight and the dedication to help you move forward. As a skilled family law attorney in Dallas, TX she can guide you through any complex family law issue you are enduring. Contact us to find out how more than 25 years of legal experience can work for you. 

Get a Compassionate Divorce Attorney in Your Corner

When you have questions and concerns, we can provide the clear, honest answers you deserve. We will ensure that you understand your options and what to expect from the process ahead, whether you are facing a child custody, spousal maintenance, or any other family law matter. With Lisa G. Garza, you can count on benefiting from personalized legal support. We encourage you to find out how a divorce attorney can help you move forward with your life. We are proud to help families across Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant Counties

Long IslandCar Accident Lawyer



Long Island
Car Accident Lawyer

Home » Areas We Serve » Long Island, NY » Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer » Car Accident

Long Island Car Accident Lawyer When you suffer injuries in a car, truck, or other motor vehicle accident, our attorneys can help you seek a financial recovery.

Car accidents can lead to distressing outcomes that can affect you for the rest of your life. If another driver’s negligence caused your car accident and injuries, you shouldn’t have to be responsible for paying for your losses. You could recover compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and more with the help of a car accident attorney.

An Accident Lawyer Can Help

A Long Island car accident lawyer from our firm can help car accident victims like you pursue the financial recovery you may need. An experienced car accident attorney from our law firm can tell you what damages you may qualify for and represent your interests through every step of a car accident claim or lawsuit.

Having a skilled lawyer fighting on your side could be the best form of personal injury protection you can have.

Read more below about car accidents and how a Long Island car accident attorney may be able to help you:

  • Recoverable Compensation You Could Seek After a Car Accident
  • How Our Attorneys at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. Can Help with Your Case
  • We Will Handle the Most Complicated Aspect of a Case for You
  • Why Choose Our Lawyers Team to Handle Your Injury Case?
  • There is Limited Time to Take Legal Action for Your Case
  • How Our Attorneys Build a Case Against a Negligent Driver on Long Island
  • Six Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident
  • Car Collisions on Long Island are Common and Costly
  • Contact Us for a No-Cost, No-Obligation Consultation

For a free legal consultation with a car accidents lawyer serving Long Island, call 631-239-3965

Recoverable Compensation You Could Seek After a Car Accident

Your injuries from a car accident are not the only costly losses you may face. You may be eligible to seek several forms of damages in a car accident case, including both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages from Car Accidents

These may include:

  • Medical bills, including the cost of emergency room care, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, surgery, physical therapy, medications, and more

  • Future medical bills, reflecting treatments and medical care you will be expected to require for your auto accident injuries

  • Lost wages, if you missed paychecks due to recovery
  • Reduced earning capacity, if your ability to earn income will be expected to continue affecting you in the future

Non-Economic Damages from Car Accidents

You could seek a recovery for:

  • Pain and suffering, if your car accident caused you serious physical pain and other hardships

  • Mental anguish, for the psychological challenges you could be dealing with after a crash
  • And more

However, every auto accident case is different, and you may need to meet certain criteria to seek some forms of damages. A car accident lawyer can help you understand all forms of compensation available to you after a collision.

Compensation Available if You Lost a Loved One in a Car Crash

Like car accidents, no personal injury case is simple to handle on your own, let alone when you’re dealing with a loss. A car accident attorney from our law firm can handle every aspect of a wrongful death case for you and help you recover damages.

This may also include economic and non-economic losses such as:

  • Medical costs required by your loved one
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of future income and support
  • Pain and suffering of your loved one before passing

Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in an accident? Get help from the experienced accident lawyers at Rosenburg & Gluck.

What Do Car Accident Lawyers Do?



What Do Car Accident Lawyers Do?

Car wreck lawyers are a special type of personal injury attorney skilled in representing the rights of those injured in car accidents. A car accident can be a very serious and incredibly stressful time for a person and/or a family. Medical bills can pile up and the injured person may miss a lot of work. In these instances a car accident lawyer will work with his or her client to ensure the bills are either paid or postponed, bill collectors are stopped, medical needs are met, and the person responsible for the injuries is made to pay for their negligence or wrongdoing.

Furthermore, car accident lawyers will attempt to reconstruct the events that occurred leading up to the accident. They do this by interviewing witnesses, taking photographs of the accident scene, examining DMV documents, and more. Your car accident lawyer is highly skilled and knows the ins and outs of this particular filed of the law, and can work efficiently to make sure your life is made whole quickly.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?



How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Your vehicle accident lawyer will help you by making sure your rights and interests are well represented to the fullest extent of the law to both the defendant and his or her insurance company. Car accident attorneys are highly skilled negotiators, and understand what your injuries and property damage are worth, and the limits insurance companies can reach when forced up against a wall. In the event your case cannot be settled outside of court your car accident lawyer will fight for you in court in front of either a judge or a jury.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to hire a car accident attorney to represent your interests. Many find it’s simply just easier to hire an attorney to handle the paperwork and negotiations rather than attempt to deal with them on their own. In other cases, attorneys can help greatly increase the amount recovered in a dispute because they understand how much insurance companies can really pay out. If you’re at all interested in speaking with a car accident attorney you should use LawInfo to search for one in your area. All car accident lawyers listed on this site offer our visitors free consultations and will be able to offer their opinion of your case after the initial free consultation.

Do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?



Do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

Accident victim who might require an injury attorney

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be asking yourself whether you need to hire a car accident attorney. If you’ve suffered an injury, then yes, you should consult with a car accident lawyer. That’s because even accidents that appeared to be minor at first can later prove to be complicated. When the accident happens, you may be in shock and unaware of any injuries. They may take time to appear and when they do, they can cause severe pain and complications. In situations such as these, it is essential to have a car accident lawyer by your side.

If you’ve been in a serious car accident, then it’s crucial that you hire a law firm with a record of success in Los Angeles car accident cases. These include any accident that resulted in emergency medical care, hospitalization and/or left you unable to work.

This is not the time to go it alone. Insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize your claim, regardless of the extent of your injuries. Sometimes, the other person involved in the accident will dispute who’s to blame. These situations can and do arise. The Dominguez Firm has successfully handled all types of car accidents and injuries. We know the insurance companies and the other side’s tactics because we’ve confronted them all and we know how to counteract them.

And if you think you can’t afford to hire a team of Los Angeles car accident lawyers, think again. The Dominguez Firm works on a contingency basis. That means we receive a percentage of your final settlement or verdict amount. You pay no upfront fees or costs. And in the unlikely event that we are unable to obtain compensation for you, you owe us nothing. You win, or you don’t pay! So, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by hiring The Dominguez Firm.

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